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Kissaluvs size 1

I have 9 KL1 natural colored diapers for sale. I over bought these and am not using fitteds as much any more, so am selling what I'm not using. I bought all of these very lightly used, and I believe they are second quality. They were not sold to me this way, but there are very minor flaws in most of them and the tags are cut on all but 2. None of the flaws effect function, the elastic is tight on all and there are no stains.

several of the diapers seem to have their snaps very slightly off. They still work just fine, but occasionally depending on how tight you are snapping them, they will bunch just a little. 2 of the diapers have very tiny surface holes that do not go all the way through. I've tried to get pictures of these.

I would like to sell these in lots of 3 for $18ppd each set. Or take all 9 for $49ppd.
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