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Re: Maximizing freezer space

I have some 4oz cube sets that stack with trays but barely use them any more. I prefer to freeze in ice cube trays and then keep the cubes in plastic quart sized freezer bags. There's one little section in my freezer where I stack up to four trays at a time after cooking and cooling and covering. And I used to have bigger batches of less items so therefore used the gallon bags but now that my LO eats such a variety and a lot of finger foods I stick with the smaller bags. I do both purees and pieces like lentils, carrots, peas - just use water or cooking water or broth in the cube. I really like the trays because I use a tablespoon to fill each cube and then I always know how much she is getting. If it's a burger, loaf, pancakes etc. I use press and seal to make little sets or individual wrappings and then put in a freezer bag.
For soups and other large amounts of liquid I also use freezer bags but lay them flat until frozen then kind of file them. If its a sauce I will use in small amounts like tomato or broth I use the trays again so I can just pop in a couple of cubes to my recipes. My freezer isn't super small but it's certainly not huge and I'm always surprised at how much I have in there. Hope that helps you!

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