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Re: If you were induced

With DS1 I was induced at 39.5weeks with PIH. I was 2+cm. They started the pit at 9am on a Wednesday. They told me I could get an epi when I got to 4. After laboring for 25 hours with no pain meds and NO progress, I finally got an epi at 10am on Thursday. I went from a 2 to a 4.5 by 2pm and I was complete by 5 pm. They had me rest an hour before I started pushing (because he was so high up). I pushed for 3 hours and he was born at 9pm on Thursday. 36 hours of labor. Not so fun, but he tolerated it very well, and my OB never, ever pushed to section me.

DS2 was induced 1 day shy of 38 weeks due to major pre-e. My cervix was still very high and closed, so they had me come in at 6pm for cervidil. Since it took them 7 tries to get my iv in (7!!!!), and they had lost the Dr.'s orders from my chart, they didn't end up starting the cervidil until a little after 9pm. Due to the fact that I was not favorable for an induction and how long my first labor was, they figured that I would deliver sometime during the following business day. Since I was in for a long night and long day ahead I asked for an ambien to sleep, which I took at about 10pm. I started having contractions almost right away. At 11:00pm I was only 1cm but my blood pressure was so high that they gave me the choice of either getting an epi or starting a mag sulfate drip. I chose the epi. I was dying in pain while he was trying to place the darn thing, and when they checked me when he was done we realized that it was because I'd gone from 1cm to 6cm in an hour. They had to start the mag sulfate anyway because my pressure was spiking to 190/140. I was very out of it thanks to the mag and the ambien. I was complete at 3am and I pushed through 3 or 4 contractions and he was born at 3:30am

My advice: Do not take ambien right before active labor. not good
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