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Re: Work from home job opportunities?

I just started distributing for a company and have made out GREAT with it. I signed up 35 days ago, am living out of a tent, and haven't been able to do any parties for anyone except one for myself. With all of that said, I will be making about $600 this month. It's paying my bills, and I feel really good because I'm bringing people meaningful products that are changing their lives. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. So yes, you CAN make money from home, and even if you're living in a tent! haha.

You need to find a job the fits your time frame (can you sit and write transcripts, or does your life not allow for that?), that you are passionate about (are you providing a product that you honestly think everyone either needs or wants?), and that you aren't cutting yourself short with (are you spending so much time doing direct sales that the money you make at it is only like $3 an hour?). I've done a few different things, and never actually made money before. What I'm doing now has literally provided for my family this month, and blessed myself and a lot of other people. <3

Making an almost FT WAHM income--ASK ME if you want help doing the same!!!!
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