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Re: Speech Delay Is it time for eval? **Update EVAL was today/Results**

Originally Posted by Housefullofgirls View Post
So somehow we lucked out when I called Monday & they had this am open. So she did qualify
Her IFSP says:
communication receptive: 9mon
communication expressive: 6mon
social or emotional: 18mon
adaptive: 20mon
fine motor: 16mon
gross motor:20mon

Hearing test is August 15th.
I know those communication results are probably hard for you to take. When we had my DD evaulated she was behind in ALL areas of development except one. It's a hard thing to hear and deal with. But over all it looks like she is doing pretty well so just remember that, and now you are able to get her help for the areas where she is struggling. Try to keep a positive perspective on things, and know that sometimes with therapy kids can catch up pretty quick.
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