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Originally Posted by KatrinaLoves
I feel like a monster admitting this, but I don't enjoy doing skin to skin. The twins sweat a lot like their father, and I dunno... Even if they're not sweating a ton, I just don't like It :-/
I could hug and kiss and snuggle them all day (and I do, hehe), but whenever I wear them I make sure there's a fabric barrier between us to prevent the "stick".
As a very young child I had some sensory issues, and the skin stick is one of them. I don't even like snuggling with my own husband for very long without that layer of clothes on.
:-( I know how beneficial it is too, so I wish I could be more on board with it.
I think we should do an arranged marriage between one of your sweaty boys and my sweaty girl. She's like a little furnace. When we lay down to nurse she instantly gets warm and sweaty. I probably change her more frequently because sweat rather than spit up or typical baby stuff. Lol.
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