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Originally Posted by marliah
Sorry momma! these false labor games are emotionally draining.

What's your daughter have for sensitivities? Mine has a ton of them too and we are lacking creativity in the food department I make lots of rice and meat and veggies for the most part and just try to season them in different ways. She is sensitive to gluten, dairy, bananas, carrots, buckwheat and quite a few fruits and veggies. We did find out she can tolerate raw goats milk (she can't do the pasteurized stuff from the store though) so we have our own goat. We like enjoy life foods, they make some snacks she can have, also we really like Food for life brand brown rice bread, larabars are good too, she can't take a lot of nuts or they bother her but some are ok. Sun butter is a great alternative to peanut butter if you need one (one of my boys can't do peanut butter). also we recently found Amande yogurt which is an almond milk yogurt and she loves it! Good for the probiotics too.

If I think of more favorite items I will let you know I'd love to hear any tips or favorites of. Yours. We battle many food sensitivities between the 6 of us here and are always on the lookout for new ideas and snacks.
How old is your daughter? Have you seen her sensitivities change at all with age? I am really hoping DD will grow out of hers. My mom had many, many allergies but by age 5 could handle a lot more foods. My DH's sister had them as a child but only has a few as an adult.

I am not sure of all DD's allergies because I have avoided a lot of common allergens (especially if her g-ma and aunt had them) and some I am just not sure of because she has delayed reactions (digestive issues), so what she is reacting to is not always clear. I am fairly certain, though, that she cannot have dairy, wheat (maybe gluten), citrus, apples, bananas, too many vitamin A rich vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, bell pepper, etc), peanuts, too many iron rich foods, corn, strawberries, avocado, pomegranet, and that is what I can remember off the top of my head. She mostly eats beans, rice, rice products, lentils, chickpeas, turkey (she hates all other meat and fish), oats, coconut products, fruits, and vegetables. I have not tried eggs, tomatoes, nuts, or a variety of other things with her yet.

We have tried raw goats milk with her the past two days and are waiting to see if she can tolerate it. I hope so! This is the first time she has had any dairy straight (not through breastmilk).

We are very, very thankful we live in a state with a Trader Joe's now! We get coconut milk yogurt (have you tried that?), uncured turkey bacon and hot dogs, brown rice tortillas, gluten free oats, and other speciality food there that would otherwise be nearly unaffordable.

What does your DD typically eat for breakfast? That is a hard meal for me to come up with a variety of foods for.

One of the hardest challenges in finding foods for DD to eat is her allergy of apples and lemons. They seem to be used in almost every kind of healthy snack, especially apples as a sweetner. :-/ Even a little bit of either of these fruits and DD gets a horrible rash on her bottom. She has no idea what fruit snacks, cookies, cake, etc. are because she never has them or sees us with them (we eat such treats after she is in bed), but I know that can't last forever. At least she has had ice cream! DH made her some with coconut milk. :-)
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