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Originally Posted by staceray7
We pay out of pocket for labor & delivery, so I have been trying to get our nb diapers bought before we conceive, since it will be one less expense.
Anyone else buy newbie stashes BEFORE baby is even conceived? If so, what's in it so far?

I have:
4 BG Small AIOs
2 Bummis Super Lite covers
4 unbleached Preemie PFs
4 Thirsties duo hemp size 1 PFs
Assorted flats, cotton soakers

I am thinking of getting 4-6 more covers, 5 more AIOs & nb pfs.
Me! Well... It is done, but we are ttc!

3 dozen small diaper rite flats
2 dozen diaper rite nb prefolds
I will use the flats and prefolds as burp rags and changing pads.. And i wont have to worry about laundry everyday

3 weehuggers
4 thirsties duo wrap
4nb bummis

For nighttime
2 grovia aios
1 lil joey
1 fuzzibunz xs
1 xs hh
2 hh minis
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