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Re: Car (or SUV) suggestions for 3 across

I have 3 across in Dh's 04 Accord. We have 3 Radians in there, but can do

Onboard 35 Air, Radian, Maestro
Old Style Marathon, Radian, Maestro

Most things, as long as there is a Radian in the middle, will work.

The problem with 3 across is...the kids are in REALLY close quarters. When DS was still RFing, he could kick FF DD in the face, and while I was driving, there wasn't a darn thing I could do about it. We were RF, FF, RF. I had to FF him at 3, which was sooner than I would like because the danger to DD from getting kicked in the face was worse than the risk of an accident--she was getting kicked every single trip. In an ideal world, I would punish him and the behavior would stop, but in real life, he kicked her, she screamed, he thought it was hilarious and the cycle repeated itself.
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