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Re: Anyone have a TTC stash? :)

Hubby and I started TTC #1 February 2010. No luck yet.
I've been lurking this forum nearly as long, and yay, a thread I can actually add to!

We have collected....
18 Infant prefolds
3 BumGenius XS AIO
2 WAHM Newborn AIO
4 Thirsties Duo Covers Size 1
2 Thirsties AIO Size 1
6 FuzziBunz SM
3 WAHM Small AIO
18 Sunbaby pockets w/ blend inserts
4 Rump-a-Rooz OS
1 Blueberry OS
1 WAHM OS Pocket
2 OhKaty OS
3 BumGenius 4.0
1 BumGenius Freetime
2 Thirsties AIO Size 2
1 GroVia OS
1 Peachy Green AIO
1 Tots Bots Easy Fit

...and several Joey Buns inserts.

My stash is all over the place, but I figured I'd buy what I could and sell off whatever doesn't work for us. I need a second storage box at this rate...
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