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Re: The proper care and feeding of your husband.

Originally Posted by AfWife8405 View Post
Actually, I am pretty sure she says the exact opposite of that (bolded.) I believe she even comments that men love our bodies despite the things we feel self-conscious about, I believe her example was c-section scars.

I am aware of all the other issues you brought up but honestly, I don't really care because I find her advice to be sound (and I have heard her helping gay couples with their relationships.) Maybe she learned something from all the mistakes she has made. BTW, Just because she is divorced does not mean she caused the divorce.

Regardless of all the controversy, I do notice a change in our marriage for the better when I have reread the book and make the extra effort to apply her advice to our relationship.

That's fine, she asked for opinions, not just positive reviews. That was mine. Im glad others found it to be helpful. I just don't care for it or the author.
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