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Re: The proper care and feeding of your husband.

I really liked the book. She was able to phrase things in the book that DH would try to tell me, but I couldn't understand. It had to be in "womanese". haha. My husband was thankful I read it too. It helped me realize that I was doing some things in the book that was hurting us and encouraged me to change it. My mom gave the book to all of us girls when we got married and it's one I should probably reread from time to time as a good reminder.

My friend also recommended the book "Sacred Influence" by Gary Thomas (it's from a Christian author) and it's about what a man needs from his wife. I have it on the table, but need to finish reading Pastuerized Poultry Profits first. The plot of a farmwife. haha. After 4 kids in 4 years, I need some more encouragement again so I'm excited to delve into it.
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