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Originally Posted by luvsviola
I would have also call Early Intervention and have them do an evaluation. They have PTs whose whole job is to work with kids birth-3. The evaluation is free, and the visits are on a sliding scale--DFS were free.

Often, insurance only covers so many visits a year (ours is 20) to a PT. But EI comes every week, no matter what your insurance coverage is.

You're going think I'm nuts but...does your child cross midline? For example, if you hold a toy out on the right side, will she use her left hand to get it?

DS had PT twice a week til he was 18 months old, and still has it once a week at 3. He didn't sit up til over a year, and didn't walk til 18 months. We did SMOs and AFOs to help him, which made a difference. Mostly, it was finding a magical therapist who he loved. Therapy isn't all fun and games, and sometimes it is hard to watch your child struggle, but we have been blessed with 4 physical therapists who love our children like their own. They told me at 4 months that he'd never walk (or talk for that matter) but at 3, he is age appropriate, and running, riding a bike, and his big milestone this week was galloping.
Thanks so much. She does not cross midline. Can I just call early intervention or do I need some kind of referral from the doctor.
She did roll over yesterday from her belly to her back. So that made me happy. What kind of exercises will they do with her? Is there anything I can be doing with her now to help?
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