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Re: I filed my first formal complaint against a dr.

These kinds of things just annoy me! I do know that ear infections can get bad quick, kind of without warning, but you'd think if she was feeling it for a week or so prior to you taking her in to be seen, it would appear as an infection. I'm a sahm now, was a RN in a peds office and we now see the doc I used to work for- love her! I know for young children sometimes wax impaction was difficult to remove, but even if it involved flushing the ear- which can take a while, she'd check and re-check until the wax was cleared and she could see the eardrum. I can appreciate the PA not over-prescribing abx, but since it got worse, seems like it was an infection she wasn't going to clear on her own. With the length of time with symptoms, you'd think that would be evident. Also, I know you're doing drops, but I've definitely seen kids recover so fast from a bad infection with an antibiotic shot. My doc usually only did this when we'd tried drops or oral abx first and it didn't clear the infection. The child really hated having to get shots 3 days in a row (and I'm sure the parent wasn't crazy about it either), but by that 3rd day, they were usually back to normal. Thankfully we've only had 2 ear infections in our 20 months, we did do oral antibiotics with great success. Oh- another thing if the pain is really bad did they give you pain drops too? that can really help! good luck!
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