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Night Weaning (Jay Gordon) + Crib for Bed-sharing Toddler

Has anyone tried Jay Gordon's method of night weaning? How did it work for you?

I have a 13-month-old son who not only co-sleeps but who also won't sleep alone (much less in his crib) ever. I go to bed with him at 8-9 pm and can't leave. We want to start working on independent sleep, but I don't see it happening without also night weaning.

Would you do both at the same time or first night wean and then crib train? We live in a one-bedroom condo so we will continue room-sharing, just with baby in crib much of the night, hopefully. I'm fine with nursing him early AM and then keeping him in the bad. I just want my evenings back.

(And neither my partner nor I are able to handle the hours of hysterical wailing to the point of vomiting that ensue when we leave him alone in the crib so no CIO please.)
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