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Re: Freaking out!!!

Originally Posted by Dmpmercury View Post
Implantation cannot occur on day 4 so it isn't implantation bleeding. Most implantation occurs from day 8-10 and the range is 6-12 and this is documented in a study. Plus you don't even know if you ovulated on that day. I bet it is ovulation spotting. You still have a another few days before you can test.
Of course, you are right! I used to know this stuff, back when we were TTC. Apparently, I need a refresher! Also, as my 10 yr old told me yesterday, "Mom, your head is in the clouds!" I had the spotting on Tuesday, which would have only been 3 days after DTD, so yeah, not implantation, haha! I am freaking out less now, for sure, but we did have a slip-up, so I know we're not totally in the clear. Thanks, ladies, you have definitely helped me calm down! Now maybe I can get my head out of the clouds, lol!
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