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What's the best long-term option?

DH wants a vasectomy. We are done, so I am fine with the fact that it is a permanent solution, but not fine with it when I read about chronic pain and/or lack of sensation as side effects. Sometimes I feel like if it's what he wants, then it's fine with me. The problem with that is that he won't do any actual research on the topic. He has a few friends that have had it done and supposedly they're fine and don't have any issues (but do guys really talk about this kind of stuff?). I have been considering tubal ligation or implants, but have been reading horror stories about side effects from that, too. So, moving on... IUD? It would have to be copper because I have a strong dislike for hormonal birth control. I have used NFP for TTC in the past, but I don't really trust myself to use it for TTA for the next 10 yrs and not have a slip-up. We are both sick of using condoms, both just because we don't like them, and because we have had two mishaps with them in the past 3 1/3 months.

I guess what I'm looking for here is sort of WWYD or what have you done? I would love to hear what other people have chosen and if they are happy (or not) with their choices.
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