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Re: Ruby Mamas Chat: July 18-July 25

Thanks Sarah! I hadnt even thought about making them, that will save us some money.

My daughter is 21 months and she seems to still have the same sensitivities, I'm hoping she will outgrown some of them. The gluten one seems promising cause she isn't bothered when I eat it but she can't eat it. The rest of her food issues are enough that I can't eat them either or it passes through the breast milk.

Sadly she can't tolerate coconut, even me eating it. So we use almond milk products or goat milk. She had a bad reaction to oats once when she was really young and I havent tried them again, I really ought to cause it may have been a texture thing more than anything else (she threw up we eating them).

She can do eggs so oftentimes for breakfast we have eggs or we have organic rice crispies with goats milk, she also likes the rice grits hot cereal or rice bread toast with peanut butter or jelly.

Oh and as far as eggs go some people who cannot tolerate chicken eggs can do duck eggs so that may be an option if she is sensitive to eggs
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