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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

I'm having my third c-section the same day! My doctor says 2-3 day stay, he recommends three days. I'm having my surgery first thing Friday morning, and plan on heading home Monday.
Here is what I can recall from my last one - I just had an epidural (or spinal?) and you're awake and very much aware of the whole thing. No pain, but you'll feel pushing and pulling, it's pretty weird. Once baby is out they do the normal checks and weight, then they give baby to hubby and the two sit beside my head while they finish up. Baby goes to recovery with me for about an hour, we nurse and have skin to skin time. Then they take baby to do all the newborn heel pricks and whatever it is they do!
After that, they bring baby back to me in my room and it's whatever I want as far as how much she'll be in there with me.
I'll have massage boot things on my lower legs keeping the circulation going until the epidural wears off. Once the epidural is gone, the cath is out and the nurses come in and fuss every 30 minutes or so for me to get up and walk. I'm able to nurse as much as I want, and have the baby with me.
The biggest challenge and I'm assuming difference between natural and c-section is having your abdominal muscles cut through, it's a little harder to get up and down. I've only had c-sections, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I've always had a great experience with my hospital, and I have a pretty easy recovery. They won't let you eat until you at least pass gas, to make sure everything is moving the way it should. And during the c-section they use air to inflate you a bit so they can see things more easily; this air comes out naturally; and I usually have pain in my shoulders from the air bubbles. Not everyone has this; but if you get a sharp pain in your shoulder, it's probably that.

Hope this helps put your mind to ease some! I'll have my laptop with me in the hospital if you want to message me
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