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Originally Posted by Housefullofgirls
My daughter is having some medical issues that hopefully will come to a dx soon from her scope yesterday. She is in pain all day everyday in varying degrees. Due to her sugar malabsorption she is failure to thrive. She only says mama, dada and mom that is it. She just started to point last week and she does recongnize dogs and says woof woof when she see's them. She's 15 months. She is shy so apart of my denial is she's shy, the baby of 4 kids, in pain alot and that's why she doesn't talk. Her 15 mon appt is coming up should I ask for an eval? I'm worried about her. My other kids were saying alot more by now.

So somehow we lucked out when I called Monday & they had this am open. So she did qualify
Her IFSP says:
communication receptive: 9mon
communication expressive: 6mon
social or emotional: 18mon
adaptive: 20mon
fine motor: 16mon
gross motor:20mon

Hearing test is August 15th.
Glad you followed your gut! Looks like you have a smart cookie though with great skills in all the other areas! Therapy should be super helpful. My dd was evaled at 21 months with an expressive score at 5 months. It was hard to swallow but now at 2.7 she is almost on track with her speech.

((hugs)). I am sure you will love your SLP. Are they going to come weekly?
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