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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

Mama, you'll be just fine. Just remember, this is what's best for baby.

Originally Posted by Christina View Post
My section is scheduled for August 3rd and I am terrified. I have no idea what to expect. They keep telling me my stay will be 2 days but that just doesn't seem like enough time to recover!?
I have a few questions that I'm hoping some of you can answer.
3- 4 days in the hospital is average. You won't want any more time than that in hospital. It's boring and you'll want to go home. Besides, most of the recover takes place at home.

Originally Posted by Christina View Post
I am an avid breastfeeder and I'm so worried that this will jepordize a breastfeeding relationship. How did it work for you? Are you so doped up you just don't care? I really don't want that.
A c-section can delay your milk a day or two, but it shouldn't interfere with breastfeeding otherwise. I'm not sure how it could? You'll receive a spinal block, which does not interfere with your mental capabilities. In other words, you'll be completely alert and won't feel doped up. The oral pain meds for after surgery may affect you differently, but you can choose what kind of pain meds to take after surgery.

Originally Posted by Christina View Post
How long before they take the cath out and you can walk around? I know that walking can help and I want to be up and around as soon as I can.
You'll be up and walking (although slowly) the day after surgery. The catheter usually comes out within 12 hours.

Originally Posted by Christina View Post
Anything else you think you can tell me would be great. I'm just devastated right now and I just want to know that it's going to be ok.
Your usual life will be much slower for 6 weeks after surgery. It's going to make taking care of your other kids a lot more difficult. For instance, you won't be able to lift anything over 15 pounds or drive a car for 6 weeks. Have DH take time off work or a family member help out for that recovery time.
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