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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

Christina, I had a c-section with our first. I had her at 11:19 pm Wednesday night, and went home Friday at 11:30 in the morning. (I was sick of the hospital and WANTED to be home... we went in Monday night for observation/induction)

They took my catheter out at 1pm the following day. I think they would have done it sooner, but the doctor wasn't there to sign off on it. I was able to move my legs with no issues right away.

Pain meds - they gave me morphine or demerol out in recovery (I honestly can't remember which) and then a few minutes later I had gravol to deal with the nausea that the shot caused. I really wasn't in any pain at that point. My back hurt more than anything from laying on the uncomfy beds.

I was in recovery for a little over two hours.. again not medically required, but they didn't have a bed for me yet. DD went to the nursery with DH where she had her vit K etc. I swung by the nursery on the way to my room in the ward. Thankfully DH didn't let them feed her anything and nobody else held her but him.

I nursed right away when I was in my room. She took with no issues at all. I was tired and my arms were weak. Since I'm also not a small girl and have a rather large chest and had the c-section I could only do the football hold for a while. It worked out best for us pretty well the entire time I nursed anyhow. My midwife helped position her and get her to latch because I was still a little hazy. It was still my top priority, and since I made it clear from the beginning, everyone knew that was important to me that she nurse as soon as possible.

For pain meds after recovery I was given suppositories. Not sure what they were, but since they were inserted down there, they said they would act on the pain faster than if they were injected or taken orally. I went home on Darvon, which has since been recalled but was supposed to be safe for breastfeeding mothers. It was a narcotic, but it apparently didn't pass through to breastmilk? I didn't like the way it made me feel if I went too long without having it. I guess it could be habit forming. So I stopped taking it after a week and just took extra strength tylenol.

I had stitches for my incision, it looks like it wasn't even there. A few pieces of stitch where they tied it off that didn't dissolve all the way and I ended up with a little bit of a bump that felt like an ingrown hair and was itchy/slower to heal. It eventually just popped up and I pulled out a surprisingly long piece of suture. It stopped itching and healed perfectly.My midwives are still asking about my natural delivery even though they see the scar when they check my belly. My SIL had staples (different OB) and hers looks great too. She said that they would catch on her clothes sometimes though, and that they got itchy.

Once I was up and moving after the catheter, I had a shower and felt like a new person. This time if we end up with another section I am going to insist on keeping her with me at all times. I don't see why I can't nurse her in recovery and be with her for all procedures.
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