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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

I wasn't expecting to have mine. I delivered at 12:33 am on a Wednesday and I was discharged 3 nights later on a Saturday. You should be alert the whole time, just numb below your chest. I could feel pulling and a few pains during the end because something was wearing off, but that was just for the sutures. From beginning to birth was 10 minutes, then another hour of sewing me up while I got to see the baby (after he was cleaned and diapered, the first sight of him was on my husband's phone:-(). In the recovery room I tried to nurse, but it was difficult flat on my back and he wouldn't latch on. I had to stay in there until I regained feeling in my legs and could move them. Then they took DS to the nursery and me to my new room.

When they transferred me to my bed my incision bled really bad and they had to change my whole robe, what a pain. Some things that affected me were MAJOR SHIVERS after the spinal, being very itchy, and a horrible pain for a couple days at the top of my chest behind my collarbones that they said is trapped air from the surgery rising and trying to get out.

I got to see D S again around 4 am. BFing went smoothly as far as my milk coming in and him getting enough. They gave me two types of pain meds more like when I asked for them and not on schedule, and stool softeners (that didn't work, I needed more help than that sorry TMI!) I had a catheter for 24 hours...WONDERFUL after how many times you have to pee during pregnancy! I had to start moving on my own again the next day. Wasn't too bad.

Good luck!!!
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