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Re: Speech Delay Is it time for eval? **Update EVAL was today/Results**

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
Glad you followed your gut! Looks like you have a smart cookie though with great skills in all the other areas! Therapy should be super helpful. My dd was evaled at 21 months with an expressive score at 5 months. It was hard to swallow but now at 2.7 she is almost on track with her speech.

((hugs)). I am sure you will love your SLP. Are they going to come weekly?
Wow! That is fantastic she is doing so well and really that's about only a year in therapy right? That's a huge jump in such time amazing. Thank-you for sharing it makes me feel so much better reading such wonderful stories. They started this new program that they want us to do first. It's a 12 week program that includes 4 therapy sessions for Ella but also 3 90minute sessions with just the therapist and myself alone. After that they said they would evalute her and either do weekly or bi-weekly sessions. She said that they don't see this age at all and she's not sure what the therapist will want to do. So I'm not entirely sure right now. But after 12 weeks she'll be 18.5 or 19 months. I'm going to start baby signing now too. They asked me how she asks for things and gets me to understand what she wants and I told them she relies on me reading her mind It's true. I can read her so well TG! She'd be up the creek if I didn't.
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