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My 4th and last cs is tomorrow. I agree with all the pp. a few other things: you'll be basically stuck in bed the first day/night so you'll need someone with you if you plan on having the baby with you in room vs nursery. Get out of bed as soon as possible. It helps recovery so much. I've also heard that you'll need to ask for your drugs, especially narcotics. You can say, please bring me my next dose in 4/6/8 hours, but they can't bring it without you asking. Which explains some of the behavior from my nurses last time. I also don't plan on cding while in the hospital. Too many days and then coming home to necessary laundry is a no. I sleep in a recliner or a big chair for the first week or so. The less you use your stomach the better you'll feel. Don't be too scared. I take it slow and the recovery ends up fine.

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