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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

Don't be scared. There is a lot of fear-mongering with C/S but really, they shouldn't be feared. I can give you an extremely detailed rundown of the entire thing if you think it will make you feel better.

In regards to sitting up, you will be reclined in the recovery room and most likely wearing the compression booties that are there to avoid blood clots. These are great, like 24 hours of massage! Enjoy them. At the end of my pregnancy, I was a swollen mess and my feet were the worst of all. The booties were great. Something to look forward to.

Catheter rules depend on your hospital. Some take it out after 12 hours even if it's the middle of the night, some will do it the next morning. You should ask what the rules are if you are concerned.

Absolutely go in and tell them you are fearful of this compromising your breastfeeding relationship and that you wish the baby to be with you at all times and to try to latch on immediately. If the hospital has a lactation nurse on staff, ask ahead of time what their hours are and if you can have an appointment with them right away. They will help you with the logistics if what you usually use for a hold is not conducive for a C/S. The football hold works great.

You are not flat on your back nor on your back for a long period of time. They will actually instead encourage you to get up and moving whenever you can as it gets things flowing through your body again and is good for you.

I had staples and I think they were great. My OB recommended them. I was able to choose but when I pressed him on what he recommended he said staples. Less of a scar, better healing.

You will want to go home in a flowy maxi dress. You will not want any pants or anything touching the incision.

I recommend bringing probiotics with you to the hospital and telling your nurse that you would like to take them when you are allowed to eat again. This is because with many C/S they give preventative antibiotics. You will be able to avoid thrush.

I found out on my due date I had to have a C/S and it was scheduled for the next day. I was pretty bummed. It was not what I wanted nor expected. It turned out just fine.

I would absolutely recommend as well that you discuss any fears with the anesthesiologist if you have them. Mine was great and really wanted my experience to be the best possible. He explained everything, told me what he was giving me, and why. Also, since of course you will get painkillers in the line (which are not over the top, they do not want you out of it) sometimes they do benadryl as well so you don't itch a ton in recovery. I personally am sensitive to benadryl in IV form so we talked that over ahead of time. Feel free to personalize your experience, Mama. Everyone in that room is there in that moment for you and the birth of your baby.
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