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Re: Tips for keeping newborn safe from toddler germs?

Thanks so much, mamas! Having two kids makes me feel like a rookie all over again -- I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something I could be doing to help. Very reassuring to hear from all the mamas who have had no serious troubles!

Originally Posted by juliasmom View Post
I am sorry your LO has a cold! I had that attitude before DD2 was born. When DD2 was 3 weeks old DD1 got a high fever... over 103. I called the pedi and asked what I should do...I would normally give it a couple of days to run it's course. They wanted to see DD1 because DD2 was so little. They determined it was probably viral and would run its course. Then non-chalantly told me if DD2 developed a fever over 100.4F before she was 2 months old I was to take her to the emergency room where they would admit her to the hospital, give her a lumbar puncture and put her on prophylactic antibiotics by IV until the CSF culture came back A few days later DD1 got a rash and it was clear she had roseola. Thank God the baby never got a fever. Needless to say I will always be paranoid when there is a newbie around.
Juliasmom, you sound like us. We were not worried about any of this at first! But our daughter's temperature was at exactly 100.3 for an entire night last week, which gave DH and I time to learn -- and worry -- about all the tests our sweet baby would be in for if her temperature climbed just a bit higher. Our pedi told us that once she's two months old, her defenses will be stronger and that hospital protocol for newborns with fevers will be different.

Thanks again, everyone! It's wonderful to be reassured by all you experienced mamas.
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