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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

Originally Posted by dmj View Post
I wouldn't use cd's in the hospital due to the meconium staining them forever. You won't be stuck on your back either. As soon as the spinal wears off you will be able to sit up. You can walk as soon as you feel up to it. I have had 3 c/s's.
I've CDed both my babies from birth, don't worry about meconium if you do decide to CD. It washes out more easily than EBF poop does.

I've had two (unplanned) c-sections, they weren't a cakewalk but they also weren't even close to as bad as I thought they'd be. I did get a little panicky during the surgery, and extremely nauseated, so be prepared for that. The anesthesiologist administered anti-nausea meds when I told her, and it got better quickly, but for me that was absolutely the worst part of having a c-section. My hands weren't strapped down, they sometimes strap them down to keep them from falling off the table but if you tell them you don't want to be strapped down, they'll generally honor your wishes.

Both my c's were very similar. After baby was out, I got to see them for a minute, then they went with DH and a nurse in a little room right off the surgery room to get cleaned up. After the 20-30 minutes it took me to get stitched up, they wheeled me into the same room and I was able to nurse right away, and neither baby ever left my side after that. After about 30 minutes in that room (where they checked my BP a couple times, etc.), we were wheeled down the hall into a normal room, where the nurses washed all the surgery goop (not the technical term, lol) off my belly.

With DS I was up and walking in about 5 hours, with DD I was up and walking in 3. I was a little shaky, but felt much better after being up. With DS they left the catheter in for about 12 hours, but with DD they took it out after 5 because I was up, moving, etc.

Recovery wasn't terrible, the day after the surgery was the worst. My incision didn't hurt too much either time, but I had bigger babies and they had to do some serious maneuvering to get them out, so my ribs were horribly sore. I didn't need anything more than Advil after the second day, though. They'll also probably want you to take a stool softener.

I didn't have many restrictions at all. I was able to eat as soon as I wanted, shower within 24 hours, get up and move as I pleased, etc. I was able to keep my babies in the room, nurse frequently and snuggle a lot. It took 5 days for my milk to come in with DS, and 4 days with DD, but they were both totally content in the meantime.

Good luck, mama! I hope you don't need a c/s, but if you do, I wish you and baby a quick recovery.

ETA - my first was born on a Thursday afternoon, I could have been released Saturday afternoon if I wished (and I did) except he needed to be under the bili lights. We were released Monday morning. DD was born on Tuesday morning, we were released Friday morning. I was ready to leave Wednesday night, lol.

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