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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

I have not experienced a c-section myself, but I took classes to be a childbirth educator and my first birth was very traumatic.

Here's my suggestions, and
Invest in a postpartum belly wrap. These are good for ANY birthing Mama, but especially helpful after a c-section or other abdominal surgery. I do not recommend the fitted velcro on type like some hospitals give out, they're just awful. Look for a device similar to a Moby wrap! It allows you to wrap to your comfort level. The fitted velcro type, you literally need three people and a foot to get you into. Totally torture.

Have you heard of "baby friendly" hospitals and birth practices? They have extended the idea to c-sections as well. MOST c-sections/doctors/hospitals can accommodate these wishes no problem, obviously emergency health situations barred but sounds like your c-section is expected to go smoothly.
Here's some info on baby friendly c-sections I quickly Googled:

Have you looked into getting a doula or other support system (other than husband/partner?) I highly recommend! Doulas have shown time and time again to improve birthing and recovery outcomes for mom and baby. And, it never hurts to have extra hands around.
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