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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

OP - I know you didn't ask about breech babies but you did mention being scared of the C so I was wondering if you want some advice on breech?

There IS still time for baby to turn! My last two babies were breech and one turned less then a week before delivery on her own! I highly suggest the spinning babies website another PP suggested. Also spend time everyday on your hands and knees with your rump in the air - it worked for me TWICE!

(ETA - Baby spinning on her own was super wierd. My first spun while I was in the car and it was akward but not terrible. My second spun during our first breeches birthday party. It did make me get sick but wasn't terrible.)

You can try chiro too - I never needed it though. AND you can also try for a version. Here they do them at 38 weeks so if you go into labour or if baby needs help they can take baby right away. I would never go straight to the C without at least trying other things first since the recovery time is going to be longer.

Also are there any hospitals which deliver breech near you? If my last DD had been bum breech at birth they would have let me deliver her that way they only don't do footling breech here.

As for the version my OB told me when I was asking about mine (I cancelled it since baby moved on her own) that he has even had one woman who they did the version on WHILE in labour and her baby flipped and was born vag later that day.

I don't know if you want it since you may be resigned to the C - but there is hope if you want to try to avoid it.

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