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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

Originally Posted by Christina View Post
This is my 5th baby and my first c-section. Baby is breech and while I'm still hoping she'll turn I know that there is a very good chance she won't. My section is scheduled for August 3rd and I am terrified. I have no idea what to expect. They keep telling me my stay will be 2 days but that just doesn't seem like enough time to recover!?
I have a few questions that I'm hoping some of you can answer.

My OB said she usually uses staples but she will use sutures if that's what her patients want. Which is better? I'm not a skinny girl but I've lost alot of weight and have some extra skin that hangs down from where I lost. I'm thinking sutures would be better for me but I just don't know.

I am an avid breastfeeder and I'm so worried that this will jepordize a breastfeeding relationship. How did it work for you? Are you so doped up you just don't care? I really don't want that.

How long before they take the cath out and you can walk around? I know that walking can help and I want to be up and around as soon as I can.

Anything else you think you can tell me would be great. I'm just devastated right now and I just want to know that it's going to be ok.
Originally Posted by Christina View Post
Am I really going to be stuck on my back after surgery? I hate being stuck on my back, has anyone else been able to sit up a little while after surgery?

My DH will be with me in the room the whole time so he can help with the baby. I was planning on cd'ing in the hospital but I'm starting to rethink that. I want to worry about snuggling with my baby and not on diapers I'm going to have to wash when I get home.
Everyone's experiences are different depending on the dr and hospital but you can write up a birth plan, I had one and it was great. I made 3 copies, one for the dr, one for the nurses who cared for me after the c/s and one for my baby book.
They don't have you flat on your back after the c/s, you will be partially sitting up, with my recent c/s they had to lower me flat because my bp was too low and it made me puke but that doesn't happen to everyone.
The birth plan is going to be your best thing to do so you can have your wishes there for everyone.
They will let you stay longer if you tell the dr, I stayed 4 days this time, I didn't have to, they were going to let me go after 2 days but I asked to stay. I liked being taken care of and fed, the hospital food was really
You can have the baby with you to nurse in recovery, add it to your birth plan. Good luck, everything will be great and get up asap after surgery.
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