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Re: Anyone have a TTC stash? :)

We are going to TTC through FET early next year - we are most likely trying for twins again.

OTW: longies (FSOT), 1 bambooty AIO (spots), & 1 Osocozy fitted (nicki's diapers seconds)
Just purchased (soon to be WIP) scrappy longies

2 s longies made with yarn noodles child's play (they have different trim colors)
2 girly sock monkey longie sets- crocheted
3 infant Megaroos
2 orange workhorses
6 old style thirsties fab fitteds
1 size 1 fab fitted
2 happy hempy
1 grovia AIO
3 small sandys
3 NB tinkle traps
1 small clover fitted
2 Nana's bottoms AIOs
2 snapless swellbaby fitteds
2 scuttlebutts fitteds (orange diaper co)
1 piddle paddle OS fitted
2 scuttlebutts bamboo terry flats
6 ikea flats
12 receiving blanket flats
3 m bottombumpers AIOs
2 NB alva
1 m wham fitted
2 BG organic AIOs
2 meaf covers
4 Disana soakers
2 babyology soakers
3 thirsties NB covers
3 thirsties s covers
1 NB wham PUL cover
1 NB Weehuggers
1 s baby softwrap
1 NB swadelbees fleece wrap
1 NB imagine cover
2 green line covers - 1 is fleece
12 double sided flannel wipes

25% recently from FSOT & spots
25% kept from our twins stash
50% bought new

Most everything is gender neutral, except for some pink & purple left over from the girls. This is going to be a crazy stash because I'm buying a lot of 1s & 2s of different dipes just to check them out & figure out what I want more of. I need a lot more PUL & wool!!! I will be getting more workhorses or tinkle traps, more Megaroo ETPFs, greenline inserts, & stretchy bamboo prefolds. I want to try kissaluv OS fitteds because I like a coupe of the prints. I will be getting b4s because they were my favs with the last 2. I need more AIOs, but don't have my heart set on any brand yet. Wollybotoms footies & loveybums crepe wraps are on my list.........I better stop now or the list will only grow

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