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Oh you'll be fine!! I had all 4 of mine by csection & I ebf'd them all. I had internal dissolvable sutures & they placed a lidocaine catheter called On-Q in my incision when they closed it & it kept the area numb for two days which helped with pain management. The foley catheter came out later that day once I was up and around.

My suggestions for better recovery:
1. Get up and walking as soon as possible! The more you move those first three days, the faster you will recover. Take the baby for walks, pushing the crib-thing, around the maternity floor a few times a day.
2. Drink lots! My milk always came in quickly.
3. TAKE the PAIN MEDS the first 2 days!! It's much easier to keep on top of the pain from the beginning. After 4 section, I learned when I took the pain meds in the hospital, I could drop to Advil once I got home. None of my babies ever showed any effects from the meds.
4. Enjoy the time in the hospital with just you and the baby! Since you can't be up doing things, really absorb those hours with just the two of you before going home to the other kids.
5. Perhaps the best little tid-bit, ask the nurses about a day '2' sepository. Your bowels like to shut down after surgery & a simply glycerine sepository on day two will get you back on track before you're in agony! And abdominal binders are great for support! If the hospital doesn't give you one ( mine didn't) purchase one yourself. I got mine before my last section so I was set as soon as I got home.

Good luck!!
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