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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

Originally Posted by Christina View Post

My OB said she usually uses staples but she will use sutures if that's what her patients want. Which is better? I'm not a skinny girl but I've lost alot of weight and have some extra skin that hangs down from where I lost. I'm thinking sutures would be better for me but I just don't know.

I am an avid breastfeeder and I'm so worried that this will jepordize a breastfeeding relationship. How did it work for you? Are you so doped up you just don't care? I really don't want that.

How long before they take the cath out and you can walk around? I know that walking can help and I want to be up and around as soon as I can.

Anything else you think you can tell me would be great. I'm just devastated right now and I just want to know that it's going to be ok.
1. My doctor typically does staples. It involves an extra trip for me to go get them taken out 6-7 days later... I don't know which is better (staples vs. stitches), but the extra appt. does suck! I'm a plus size gal, if that helps any.

2. The annoying thing for me is that at my hospital they require you gradually be inclined after the c/s and they won't let you sit up-up for a few hours. That made it a bit more difficult for me to get a good latch (I'm not boobly blessed though so maybe bigger breasts would help that?) The nurses helped me get my babies to latch until I could sit up better.

3. I walk around WITH the cath in as soon as I can! haha. WALK, WALK, WALK! Often and often. It will hurt, but the more you are up and about, the less sore you'll be. Learned this after my 1st c-section and it helped a bunch after my 2nd and 3rd c/s. First day of recovery, just doing bed to chair, chair to bed often. The second day, walk around the halls frequently and SLOWLY. Our hospital takes out the cathetar the next morning after the c-section (so you don't have to get in and out of bed a bunch that first night... my first c/s I had to have the cath in a bit longer and I forget why.

4. Make sure they have the squeezy cuffs (technical term, you know) on your feet whenever you are laying down. They can prevent clots from forming. They can get annoying, but better wearing them than not.

5. ((hugs)). The unknown is scary, I understand. Something that helped calm my nerves during each of my c-sections, was to make a playlist (cd with my first c/s and ipod with the others) that relaxed me. They'd turn it on when I go in the OR and play it the whole time. I would close my eyes and just concentrate on that and not the lights or the tugging, etc. And vocalize to them that you are nervous and scared. I think it reminds them to be extra sensitive to that. Seeing that you are a 5th time mom and so on, might make them think that you are a pro now and have no nerves. So talk to the team.

6. Start making freezer meals for home. I like to make 4-6 weeks worth of meals so I have plenty of time to recover. That varies from woman to woman, but with 4 kids at home; having ready made meals will be a lifesaver regardless. You can even make freezer breakfast meals and lunches too, if you have the space.

7. With the last baby, I stayed at the hospital the WHOLE time they let me!!! It's my only vacation time I'll ever get and the only QUIET time with the baby, so I stayed all 4 days. PLUS, it gave me more time to heal before the older kids needed me. I encourage you to stay as long as you can to give yourself extra down time... at home, it can be hard to stay down when everyone needs you.

8. Fly someone in if you can. I fly my sister out to help for a week or so and DH stays home a week or so. Last c/s I was blessed to have my mom, sis, and Dh all stay a week each. It REALLY helps to only have to worry about you and the baby.

9. Make a time sheet of meds (iron pill, colace, oxy, and ibprufen)... in the middle of the night it's hard to remember when you took what. And so having it all written down, helps you to stay on top of your pain and can help your spouse know when to give you what.

10. CONGRATS on getting to meet Baby #5 soon! C-S are very different than vaginal births, but they can be special too. Two different worlds, but a baby at the end of both. I had healthier babies at the end of my c/s vs. my vaginal birth and so I'm thankful for them.

Forgot to add: If after your c/s you start developing a strange headache (sensitive to lights or noises or you feel really off or head is pounding), it can be a spinal headache. Ask for the bloodpatch immediately. Don't think it'll get better or wait thinking it'll get better or you don't want to annoy the the anes. again. They can get an attitude about doing one, but a blood patch can take away pain within 20 minutes of having it done. They just draw blood from your arm and insert it in your back with fluid is leaking out. I've gotten a spinal headache 2 out of 3 c/s and the blood patch cleared it up both times, withint 20-25 minutes. Bloodpatch.

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