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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

Originally Posted by Christina View Post
The thing I'm most concerned about is recovery. I am terrified of my incision opening up, getting infected, having to pack it, barely being able to move. Really that is my biggest fear.
Recovery is harder for c/s mommies. It's a surgery and you have a newborn. That's why having help for the other kids is a must (in my book). For us plus sized mamas, we have to be extra careful to lay flat off and on throughout the day and let our incision get some air. I had a lot of overhang after my 12 lb. baby and I did have to deal with minor infeciton because it was harder to get air to. Goldenseal root helped me. It wasn't a bad infection though and did clear up after a week. Remember to give your incision lots of air (EVEN having a fan blow on it).

At home, walk around often and rest often. Sometimes you think you are feeling great and then you over-do it. So it's better to air on the side of resting when you feel good with short walking intervals. You'll want to bend over to help fold some laundry around week 2, but just wait. My recoveries are somewhat humbling because I have to accept help where I can and learn to just let others bless me. It can be hard to let go of control so just prepare yourself. I learned that the house will get crazy with hubby in charge, but we'll survive and I'll slowly get it under control again, week by week.
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