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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

I won't repeat a lot of the great advise you've already gotten, but wanted to reassure that c/s don't have to be scary. I hope you get that little one to turn and stay head down- If you can confirm her head down(mine I could always feel their hard head on my pubic bone with my hand) my midwife recommends spending a lot of time sitting on my birth ball and doing light bouncing and rolling to help the pelvis open up and head engage.

I had my third c/s this past March, and it was my best one out of the 3. First was unplanned, typical failure to progress/naive patient after 13 hours of pit induced labor at 42 weeks. Second was planned VBAC, but I chickened out and changed my mind after 3 hours natural labor that then stopped and I was sick of being pg.

This last I originally planned VBA2C, but a few weeks before due date, decided to schedule c/s due to my horrible back pain (previous injury/surgery) and both legs were numb. This c/s was different- I had a great OB/MW team that worked together to give me a family centered c/s- they lowered the drape during the delivery so I could watch, delivered DD slowly so the incision could squeeze around her some, didn't clamp the cord immediately. They did take her to the warmer to do a brief assesment, but then brought her back to me still covered with vernix/blood, etc, and took my gown down, removed the EKG leads, and laid her skin to skin on my chest, where she was able to latch on and was nursing before we left the operating room.
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