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Ok so I'm pretty excited I might know what I want now

So I am pretty excited. I have been collecting every kind of nb diaper I thought would fit my nb(coming in nov) and I think I know what I want now and can stop buying everything else! I know what I like for my 17 month old too

Here's the list of what is working what is not and why. I wont actually have my newborn until nov but so far these are my thoughts.

newborn: I have larger newborns so the tiny stuff isn't super attractive to me. I skipped the little joeys this time.

xs Fuzzibunz I got 6 of these because I heard they fit longer than bg xs but wow are they hard to stuff!! not sure if I will like this when I am sleep deprived and cloth diapering 2.

Newborn simplexpretty much loving these I think If I collect more it will be these!!

Tot bot tiny fits these are pretty neat but pretty small but seem to be more customizable then bg xs which my last ds grew out of in the waist rather quickly. I want a few more of these as well.

Alva newborns pretty nice kind of remind me of the xs fuzzibunz with more room to grow then fb but hard to stuff as well.

I am realy loving aio's with ds 17 months as I dont love stuffing pcokets but the freetimes are not fun to spray out. Loving my bg elementals my simplex aio and want more of these soon. My son poops like 4 times a day and I dont like spraying out diapers. Hope this helps someone
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