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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

For the skin closure, is glue an option? I had glue for my (only) c-section and it was great.

Breastfeeding... I was never able to actually nurse my baby, but on my end, everything worked exactly the same as if I'd had a vaginal birth. With my first two births (full-term spontaneous drug-free vaginal deliveries), my milk came in right at 60 hours postpartum. With my c-section (25 week emergency under general anesthesia), my milk also came in right at 60 hours postpartum. My c-section was just before 8:00 in the morning, and I was finally "conscious" enough to sit up a little bit at about 4:00 that afternoon to try out the pump for the first time.

Walking was the next day, probably about 24-36 hours after surgery. About 16 hours after surgery, my nurse helped me sit up in bed and dangle my legs over the side, and that was ENOUGH for that first try.

My surgery was on Sunday and I was discharged on Wednesday. On Tuesday, when they said I'd be going home the next day, I did NOT feel ready, but by the time Wednesday afternoon came, I was physically feeling much better. At home, getting in and out of bed was a CHORE for another several days, so if you can have someone with you to help lift you up and down, that would be good.

Try not to laugh, cough or sneeze those first several days. This was hard for me b/c my two-year-old was just FUNNY all the time and I wanted to laugh at him but it hurt so bad, lol. Mom took my kids back to her house with her though and they stayed with her for an extended time.

By two weeks postpartum, I was feeling fine. I could walk normally (albeit slowly... I walked slower than I felt like going, since I didn't want to cause any undue inner stress). I figured if I was hurting then I was doing too much, and I erred on the side of doing too little just to make sure I wouldn't have any extra injuries to have to deal with while healing.
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