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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

I recommend looking at I think I would also check out
I would want to keep my VBAC options open so I'm thinking you need to make sure the multiple cuts are the correct cuts to allow a VBAck. I think you need 2 sets of stitches not staples.
As for nursing, you will want to get the baby as soon as possible. the meds should be nursing safe. you can get up and walk even with the cat in if they attach you to a portable pole thing.
You do not want the med button pushing thing because then you need an adult in the room anytime you want to hold your baby.
As long as you feed on demand nursing should go great. In fact I think the meds make the first two weeks of nursing less painful. the meds make the time harder to remember too though so use as needed but not to excess.
I would ask to be allowed to go into labor naturally instead of planning the surgery.

Also I know there are midwives out there that will deliver a breech baby if you decide surgery is not for you.
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