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Re: My first c-section - so many questions!

All five of my kiddos were delivered via c/s and honestly the recovery was not that bad. I've had so many of my vaginal delivery friends have waaaaaay worse recovery than I have for any of them. My average hospital stay was two or three nights. With one I went home in 48 hours after the birth. My DH is great about helping and he is off for two weeks (his work gives him paternity pay) with each child....ends up being a week and a half by the time I am out of the hospital.

You've gotten a ton of great advice, but honestly some of the things are dependent on hospital policy. All of my babies were allowed with me in recovery (except my first due to breathing difficulties) and nursed within 30-45 minutes of being born. I was also encourage to sit up (reclined) in recovery. And walking/catheter removal happened within 12 hours of the c/s.

As for driving...I was driving within a week of the c/s. The biggest reason for the driving limitation is the narcotics that are prescribed as pain relief. If you are able to be off the meds, you can drive. I took myself to my follow-up appointments with my OB and the baby to his ped appt this time by myself.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any c/s were not scary, awful experiences and I wish the same for you. Ask all you can about hospital policy to help you get a better feel for what your hospital will/will not allow for. That should give you a clearer picture. My last delivery was at the same hospital most of my others were delivered at and they had just started the process to become "baby friendly" and it was fabulous! I hope you are able to get the same support!!
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