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Re: Would you be interested in these?

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
I think they were sorta flimsy. And in an attempt to make them small, they were too small. My kids would have liked bigger ones, I think. The items were 'beads' so not too small. I think the card was words. And my kids couldn't read.. So that sucked.

Hope that helps. Hers were not nearly as well made as yours. Just same concept.
Thanks for sharing that! I definitely understand the frustration when a toy isn't what you expected. I think you would find that a Hide & Squeak bag meets your needs a bit better:
  • Right now, the smallest size I make is approximately 4x6 (cut size, varies when finished due to charm size/fabric). They are big enough to handle easily but small enough to fit in a diaper bag. My daughter uses hers as a doll pillow sometimes, too The largest size I've made was 7x10; it was large enough to be a travel pillow for a toddler!
  • The charms I use are quite diverse - everything from erasers to buttons to doll furniture. I can find almost anything for custom requests: specific characters, favorite foods, etc. Depending on the age of the recipient and the size of the bag, charms average 23 per bag, from <1cm up to 2", mostly in the .5"-1" range.
  • Hide & Squeak bags include a choice of legend: photo, words, or both. Photo legends are taken just before filling and show all the charms clearly. Word legends are alphabetized. I photograph the filling for each bag regardless, so you can request a "reminder"
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