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Juggling multiple types of homeschooling?

I have a hypothetical "is this even do-able" question for you all. I am doing an ecclectic, almost unschooling type thing with my DD for this year (first grade). We currently have my nephew living with us, but he's set to go home in two weeks. However, events of the last few days have changed things up a bit... it's possible now that he might live with us for quite a bit longer. His family is not "into" homeschooling but would consider it, but they would want me to do TX's online public school option (we live in AZ but apparently it's available to TX residents living out of state). He is also a first grader. Would it be crazy to try to homeschool 2 first graders in different ways at the same time?

Sending him to public school here *might* be an option, but we are military and since he's not a dependent, would not be able to go to the DOD school here on post, so it would get tricky.
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