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Originally Posted by AfWife8405
I have come to realize, at least in our family, that my attitude and disposition set the tone for the rest of the family - especially for my hubby. I have noticed that the mood I am in when he walks in the door after works has bigger impact on how his night will go than whether or not he's had a good/bad day at work. It's almost as if I have more "power" to make this good or bad than he does. I hope that makes sense.

Anyways, I think that is why books might be marketed more to women or why more women read them. I read quite a bit, almost exclusively non-fiction. DH only reads fiction, usually science fiction. I think he reads so much for work that when he reads at home he wants it to be more of an escape.
This is how it is for us. Even when i have worked full time my attitude is really what influenced the family attitude. My dh and i have a very traditional relationship by my request. I have found that lately after our 5 th child i have begun having a negative attitude towards my husband and my role as a mother/wife. Reading books like these are helping me get back to a better frame of mind.
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