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Re: S/O Care and feeding of wives

Originally Posted by ulawolf View Post
This is how it is for us. Even when i have worked full time my attitude is really what influenced the family attitude. My dh and i have a very traditional relationship by my request. I have found that lately after our 5 th child i have begun having a negative attitude towards my husband and my role as a mother/wife. Reading books like these are helping me get back to a better frame of mind.
I started to after our 4th baby! She transitioned into our family really well, but the transition nudged my DH lower on the totem pole and that was not okay. I really needed encouragement to get back into being the wife I needed to be. 7 mos. after she was born, I think my hormones readjusted and my drive came back and my ooey-gooey feelings came back for DH and my focus got easier, but I think if I had just waited to be a "good wife" until then, it really would have hurt us. I'm thankful to have known what to work on during the before months to prevent the negative stuff.
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