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Re: Night Weaning (Jay Gordon) + Crib for Bed-sharing Toddler

It doesn't sound to me like the problem is cosleeping or nursing at night. It sounds like the problem is that your baby is afraid to have you leave. This is common at that age as they go through separation anxiety.

Perhaps more than working on either of those you could work on figuring out how to sneak out of bed once your little one is asleep? I have found that for my little ones the key was to allow them to nurse until they were in a DEEP sleep. then remove my nipple from their mouth. They would generally wake slightly so I would pat and soothe them back to sleep. After they were deep asleep again, I could slowly move out of the bed. At first you may only get 10-15 minutes before they wake back up looking for you. As they learn that you always come back, they will start sleeping more regular stretches.

Once you figure that out, either of the above 2 may become unimportant.

If you really want your baby to sleep in their own space, I recommend a twin size mattress (either on a very short frame or on the floor). That means you can nurse them down in their own bed, but you don't have to move them once they are asleep.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to night wean. But be sure it will really fix your problem. I nightweaned DD1 while pregnant with DD2. She was waking every 2 hours all night long. I had no delusion that nightweaning meant better sleep. Even at 4 years old (over 2 years since night weaning) she still wakes regularly EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!
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