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Re: S/O Care and feeding of wives

Originally Posted by AfWife8405 View Post
I have come to realize, at least in our family, that my attitude and disposition set the tone for the rest of the family - especially for my hubby. I have noticed that the mood I am in when he walks in the door after works has bigger impact on how his night will go than whether or not he's had a good/bad day at work. It's almost as if I have more "power" to make this good or bad than he does. I hope that makes sense.
this is so true. And this is why I try really hard to be nice when he comes home even if I'm at my wit's end. Women just have a really strong presence.

I understand the OP wasn't complaining about her husband. Yesterday, though, I was on a Christian website that I read devotionals on and there were 2 different 'how to be a good husband type' articles, though. So, I think, atleast for Christian folks, the stuff geared for the man is out there. I think more mainstream type stuff is probably more geared towards women. Shoot, even 'Fireproof' was technically geared towards primarily improving the attitude of the husband. But again, that's Christian.

Hubby and I don't have hours to chat. I guess I'd be jealous of the families that do. We get about 2 hours to ourselves in an entire day. Sure, we chat, but we also have other things to do once the kiddo is in bed. Those 2 hours go by so fast.
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