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Re: S/O Care and feeding of wives

I kinda wondered the same thing when I was reading the other thread... why isn't there a book called "The Proper Care and Feeding of Wives"

Some of the comments made me think of the quote "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." There's another quote from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" about how the husband is the head but the woman is the neck and can turn the husband's head however she wishes. I think these quotes can be true but still it's definitely not always entirely the wife's fault if things aren't going well. Of course if a wife starts paying more attention to her husband's needs he will likely start seeming more understanding and considerate of her, but that doesn't mean that he wasn't still to blame for his own selfishness or issues.

I can't really give a fair opinion of the book w/o having read it. I came across an interview and I agree with some things but some things bother me:

My husband's not much of a reader. He would read a book if he thought it would help him be a better husband or if I wanted him to, though. I'm more of a reader, but not exactly a huge one any more. And while I think books like these can be helpful at times (as a pp mentioned some ARE more likely to learn certain things from a book that they won't take from another person) we also both much prefer just to talk about issues instead of trying to figure each other out from reading a book; we tend to see things pretty similarly though and both already believe in working on ourselves first and putting each other first so maybe that helps. Besides, I think the Bible has sufficient advice as to how to be good husbands and wives Ephesians 5.

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