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Re: Can't sleep!

I know all this intellectually, but sometimes my body just responds with anxiety. I pretty much had the "shakes" in my legs for those 3 hours last night and woke myself up with a surge of adrenaline as soon as I started to drift off. I am not unfamiliar to panic seems I've had them more often during pregnancies and just more as I've gotten older, but I can deal with them better, too. There's usually not just one coping mechanism that works...I have to try different things each time.

This is my second vaginal birth and 3rd baby, but the anticipation and fear of the unknown is still there. I had my 40 week appointment today and I'm holding steady at 2 cm, which is where I've been for about a month. I've also been completely thinned out for the past 3 weeks. I made an appointment for monday to get my membranes stripped. I feel good about that decision as opposed to having it done today. That will give my body a few more days to start on its own and maybe I'll be able to rest up!
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