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Re: many hours...

Originally Posted by iris0110 View Post
I think it depends on the child, grade level and curriculum you use.
I agree. It is much easier to do hands-on learning with minimal traditional school learning when they are younger vs middle school age. And it definitely depends on the child. My oldest daughter needs a good blend of hands-on and book learning, whereas my son does fine with a more traditional schooling style. I'm not yet sure about my youngest, as she's just 5 and all we've done with her is reading and math (both quite hands-on at this point).

Now, I will say, though, that my oldest is going into 7th grade, and when she sits down and does her work, it typically does not take more than about 3- 3 1/2 hours for her to finish. That is a combination of hands-on and traditional textbook/workbook work.
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