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Lot of 14 Tiny Tush Elite One Size Pocket Diapers, snap closure, assorted colors

Condition: In good used condition, including some minor flaws (very small hole, material slightly grayed). Used as primary diapers for my son for 1.5 years (from age 6-24 months). Washed every 2-3 days in unscented detergent, hung to dry in sun about 50% of the time. I’m selling these because he’s potty trained! Never any problems with leaking or snaps staying closed. Always used disposable liners when using diaper cream.

Price: $115, via paypal, includes all fees
Shipping: $15 priority mail with delivery confirmation

Pictures are of original inserts, inside and outside of shells, plus close-up of one small hole. See additional detailed information below photos.

Detailed information
Stains: a slight graying of material, no obvious stains
Smells: I had a problem with ammonia build-up due to hard water; these diapers have been stripped and no longer smell (to the best of my knowledge). I switched from using Country Save detergent to Tide Ultra powder, this fixed my ammonia problem.
Stitching/threads: No loose stitching on covers, a few inserts have very minor fraying along edge seam due to normal wear.
Material: microfiber inserts, inner layer microfleece, outer layer PUL
Repairs/replacements: None
Pets/Smoking: From a smoke-free home with a cat
Size: Onesize
Elastic condition: tight
PUL condition: not cracked, not peeling, not bubbling
Snap condition: excellent
Lining condition: soft with minimal pilling
Insert condition: some minor fraying, original inserts

Note: I bought several of these directly from the Tiny Tush website. They were on sale and because they arrived marked with a black pen on the interior label of the shells, I think they were a discontinued model or seconds? Aside from this mark, there are no differences!

Additional information:
Feedback: I joined diaperswappers in 2010 when my son was born but have only lurked, never bought nor sold, thus I have no feedback here! I don’t buy much on these sites, but do have some feedback on ebay, under the username “phycology”.

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